Fantasías Barcelónicas
Sunnyside Records, 2022
Paquito 4-panel-center-disc-digi.jpg
Black Pool Suite
Jazz Granollers Records, 2021

€ 20.00

Black Pool Suite.jpg
Seed Music, 2018

€ 15.00


Works by Vivancos, Magrané, Castellarnau,

Garcia - Tomàs, Guix

€ 15.00

BCP Czerno.webp

"I am overwhelmed by the amazing and extraordinary sensitivity, musicality and virtuosity. They touched me

and the soul of my music "
- Alexander


"The interpretation of the BCP is absolutely formidable, a gem of work for me"
  - Enric Palomar

Toma café
Ediciones Moraleda, 2015

€ 15.00

toma cafe.jpg

The music of Pedro Iturralde performed by the BCP,

with the collaboration of Marco Mezquida, Joan Vidal,

Pedro Martínez and Jordi Figaró